Strength through sharing

The importance of learning to share is one of the very first lessons that we teach our children. But why? Of course, the answer is that we teach sharing not just because it is fundamental to everyone’s well-being and mental health, but an essential ingredient demanded by any group, society or civilisation.

We learn to share because it is a central belief of caring and compassion – or to put it another way – of love.

Imagine a world where no one shared. There would be no cities or towns, no villages, no tribes and no families. In this world, humans haven’t even mastered fire, let alone writing; as such knowledge is jealously guarded and dies out with its discoverer. Love – even for your own offspring – is a foreign concept. A world without sharing would be the perfect definition of a dark age from which there would be no release.

Instead, we are biologically hardwired for sharing! Mother Nature is not known for doing things without good reason so it’s of little surprise that the act of sharing is practically written in our DNA. At the most basic level, we teach our children that sharing is caring because it benefits everyone – including ourselves. Sharing knowledge, resources, responsibilities and even tasks is at the heart of every family and every community. We share because doing so is not only right but because it is kind. And kindness is something that we all need sometimes.

Sharing is so fundamental to our health and well-being that it underpins so much of everything that we do in life: from the mundane (such as doing the family shopping) to the extraordinary.

That’s why togetherness and achieving goals together is so central in the Lifeplus community. Together we celebrate our successes. Together we help each other achieve goals that might otherwise be out of the reach of individuals. This is why the theme of our recent Spirit of Lifeplus 2018 event was based around “We create our story” – a topic which focused on encouraging the Lifeplus community to come together and share their inspirational stories. By working as a community, listening and sharing our successes and learning opportunities we are able to explore and find new ways to improve and support the well-being and wellness of everyone.