Eating for energy

From breakfast onwards, our energy levels naturally ebb and flow. So it’s good to plan ahead and pace yourself where you can, maximising the energy you have at different times of day. Too much heavy food at lunch, for example, and you’ll find yourself slumping in the afternoon as your body works hard to break it all down. The choices that you can make for yourself are all good ones – maybe eating small quantities more regularly throughout the day, or thinking about leaner, nutrient-rich meat or vegetable combinations to give you the nutrition without the slowdown. You’ll feel more alive, more energetic, and all that positive energy will feed into everyone around you.


A little new age thinking…

Staying active at any age

What does diet really mean?

Think ‘health gain’ rather than ‘weight loss’

The importance of being social

The engaging bonus of real-life interaction

Quality control

Making informed judgements about supplementation

Every step counts

Weaving exercise into the reality of daily life

What is bioavailability?

And why is it essential for nutritional supplements?

Food as fulfilment, not just fuel

Variety really is the spice of life

The value of novelty

Enjoying the exhilaration of all things new

Understanding supplements

Restoring the body’s natural balance

There’s always time for ‘me time’

Putting yourself top of the priority list

Exercise to energise!

A new way of thinking about exercise

Understanding Glycemic Index

What do GI ratings actually mean?

Nature’s original exercise

Walk this way to a healthier lifestyle

Thinking yourself better

The true power of positive thinking

Micronutrients: The Big Picture

Why vitamins and minerals are so important for our well-being

Food and Mood

Can what we eat really affect the way we feel?

Small Is Beautiful – It’s True

Easy ways to add a new habit

What is Happiness?

Does defining it help us achieve it?

Life Changes

In our journey through life, the nutritional support our bodies need alters just as we do.

Quantity over Quality?

How nutritional is your average shop?

Stand up to feel better!

Discover the benefits of getting out of that chair….

Embracing Change

Positive ways to greet life’s biggest challenges

The Power of Antioxidants

Supporting wellbeing at the cellular level

The Seeds of Satisfaction…

Bring organics home with a truly “fresh” approach…

Time to stretch yourself?

More than just a warm up – a good stretch can have long term benefits

Exploring Ecotherapy

Tune in to what’s important by stepping outside…

The Omega Factor

Well known, but well understood? Let’s take a look at Omega fatty acids…

Understanding MSG

The food additive with a big reach

Impact and non-impact exercise

Getting the balance right

Express yourself

…and discover a simple form of self-therapy.

Training and Nutrition

How the right nutrients can power you to success

Don’t Overanalyse It…

Don’t just restrict: discover and enjoy!

The Habits of Happy People

It’s one of the age old questions; what is the secret to happiness?

The Foundation of Fitness

An active life needs a solid backbone…

Little Red Wonders

Small, shiny, tasty - and good for you too, no wonder cherries are a firm favourite for so many.

Supporting Healthy Digestion

Healthy choices that can make a difference to digestion.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Developing presence of mind

Rediscover Cycling

Cycling is good for your body and your mind

Hidden Heroes

The Discovery and Function of Enzymes

In the Eye of the Beholder

Body Image and the Media

Balanced Eating Habits

Learning to eat mindfully

The Happiness that comes from being generous

It’s easy to spread generosity…

When did we become so wasteful?

A global movement to reduce food waste

Design your own summer camp for an active and relaxing break

Top tips for your active summer

The positive impact laughter can have on our relationships

Build stronger relationships through humour

Our favourite vegetarian foods – and why they’re worth a try

Here are some of our favourites foods.

Dietary guidelines – confusing but useful

The Danish 8 diet tips

Looking after our skin

Another branch of healthy living

Speed of Life

Why do some people find it hard to adjust to …

How not to overeat

Overeating – easy to do, hard to stop?

From food to beauty – why choose organic?


Women’s lives improved by organic farming

Growing stronger

Improve your health with community sport

If you’re new to an area, or have recently decided …

Rooted in fitness: Amino Acids

Amino acids are the very building blocks of life. You …

The Art of Attraction

We believe our guiding vision is that sharing knowledge and …

5 reasons to switch to natural

As the largest organ in our bodies, it’s vital to …

Teamwork: The secret ingredient to success

“No man is an island”, as the 17th century English …

Keep on moving

Staying active is not only an important part of a …

Moisturising: Your skin’s best winter defence

The cycle of the seasons is forever turning – and …

The Importance of Taste

Do you take milk or lemon in your tea? Maybe …

Taking nutrients on the go

Whether you’re training for a particular sport, or just trying …

Eat well, stay well this winter!

Traditionally, winter is not the season we tend to associate …

Maintaining healthy habits during the festive period

The holiday season is when many of us struggle to …

Is your diet fit for purpose?

The New Year often brings with it a clutch of …

Stay strong: revitalise your lifestyle goals!

At the beginning of any New Year, it’s easy to …

A weight off your mind

Over the past few years, people are thankfully starting to …

Antioxidants: The Plum Choice

If you’re into healthy living then you probably already know …

Everyday Functional Fitness

Fitness is, of course, a hugely important part of our …

Supplementing your busy life

Work hard, play hard is a motto that many people …

Strength through sharing

The importance of learning to share is one of the …

Get moving your way!

Upping your general activity levels is a well-established way of …

Family: Shorthand for love

If you ask ten people what the word ‘family’ means …

Keeping fit as a family

Exercise. Whether the word brings a rush of excitement or …

Stronger together

The benefits of working in harmony There are some things …

Eating seasonal foods

With many fruits and vegetables available year-round it’s easy to …

Foods to sharpen your focus

Eat your way to improved concentration!  Some days it can …

Remaining zesty!

With growing up comes wisdom, experience and often better self-confidence …

Success – a dish best shared

The simple act of recognising success is incredibly powerful, but …

Stay well with a winter workout

The benefits of staying active in cold weather On a …

Your gut feeling

The health of your gut is extremely important to your …

Your fitness motivation

Everyone has the best intentions, especially when you’re at the …

Variety is key

Many eating plans focus on limiting or cutting out entire …

Green greatness

The benefits of eating green foods Green foods are one …

Quality counts!

Why is quality more important than quantity when it comes …

The Magic Window of Recovery

Regular, prolonged exercise is one of the best ways that …

Do macronutrients matter?

The importance of macronutrients for a healthy body The Oxford …

Health benefits of eggs

Protein is an essential nutrient for all diets. It’s found …