Moisturising: Your skin’s best winter defence

The cycle of the seasons is forever turning – and with the fading of the summer months into autumn it’s time to start thinking about boosting your skin’s natural defences against the changing weather. Whilst everyone is keenly aware of the need to protect your skin during the long hot days between June and August, it’s just as vital that you adopt an appropriate skincare regime in the colder (and arguably more hostile) weather conditions that inevitably follow. Just as t-shirts and sunglasses must give way to thick woolly jumpers and scarves, you should also give careful consideration to changing your skincare routine too.

Autumn and winter brings with them a double whammy of challenging conditions which can wreak havoc on your skin. Firstly, while you might be bundled up against cold winds and inclement weather, your face and hands are often left exposed to the worst that the changing climate brings. On the other hand retreating indoors brings little respite – roaring fires and modern central heating might make you feel comfy and cosy but the very dry air that they generate can soon suck the moisture from your skin, leaving skin feeling dry and dull.

The drying conditions of both colder weather and spending longer periods indoors can leave your skin seriously dehydrated – leaving you feeling uncomfortable as well as less than glowing.

So how best can you protect yourself from this? Changing your moisturising routine is vital if you want to keep your skin looking healthy, soft and glowing in these colder months. Your first step should be to understand the equal importance of moisturising at night, as well as in the day time. By doing so, you can infuse moisture whilst you sleep!

Being on the frontline of your skin’s battle against winter weather both your face and hands should receive special attention – so make sure that you regularly use thicker, more intense moisturisers which pack the extra punch needed to protect these vulnerable areas. In addition, make it a habit to moisturise immediately after a bath or shower as doing so will help to lock in hydration.

Another important thing to remember is to exfoliate every few days. By removing layers of  dead skin cells, your skin will be able to effectively absorb the moisturiser that you use.

Of course, working with Mother Nature is always a far better idea than working against her. Hence, moisturisers which use the very best in natural, organic ingredients are a great way to ensure that your skin is getting the right nourishment it craves. Skincare products that contain Avocado Oil and Olive Oil provide a great way of helping your skin to lock in moisture, leaving it to feel soft & supple with a healthy glow. Our Naturalii skincare and bodycare range has been formulated to be uniquely delicious, nourishing and gentle – just as nature intended. Check out our new selection – including refreshing body wash, nourishing body lotion, intensively hydrating hand cream and cleansing hand wash– and make sure your skin is ready for winter.


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