From food to beauty – why choose organic?

Organic skincare and beauty products are following organic food with growing popularity and sales.  But is “organic” just an appealing word on a label? What does it really mean – and are there any benefits to switching to organic products?


First things first – what is organic?

Organic products are made from natural ingredients. It may seem as if the move to organic farming is new. In fact, it’s a return to the old ways that farmers used until the 1920s, when they had only natural methods for feeding their soil and controlling pests. The development of chemical insecticides, which became widely available in the 1940s, led to a new way of farming where chemical fertilisers, weed and pest controls became part of an industrialised form of agriculture.

Even then, some farmers and consumers looked to stay with the older, more natural ways. In the 1960s and 1970s, organic food and beauty were most closely associated with the hippy and green movements. But as more and more consumers became interested in nutrition, health and the provenance of the products they were putting into and onto their bodies, organic products grew in popularity.


 Why is organic becoming so popular?

There are many reasons people choose to use organic products. There has been much media coverage about the harmful effects synthetic products can have on our bodies and on the environment.

Using products that are made from natural, organic ingredients can promote an improved sense of wellbeing for us and our families, just by choosing products that you know can benefit you. And it can also be good for the environment. Organic farming methods are believed to be less harmful to wildlife which helps to promote biodiversity, are kinder to the environment as they are likely to generate less greenhouse gas emissions than non-organic farming methods and help to protect the health of farmworkers.


Organic or not organic – understanding what it does for you

When you choose natural and organic products, you are choosing products which consist of ingredients that work with the sophisticated and purifying natural systems of your skin and body. Given the right nutrients, our skin has the natural ability to care and mend itself. Our bodies are nourished not only through the food we eat but also the products we put on our skin. Thus, if you are in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, you may want to consider choosing the organic way for not only for your diet, but your skincare too.

Better ingredients mean better results. Natural and organic products work better simply because they are rich in superior ingredients, such as Vitamin C, E and A, meaning you can be kinder to your skin, hair and digestion.


Take care

Whatever your reasons for choosing organic products you want to make those reasons count.  When it comes to your food and skincare, you want to feel confident that you are making the choices that are right for you. Why not choose an organic lifestyle and you can be sure you are doing yourself, and the planet, a great deal of good.