5 reasons to switch to natural

As the largest organ in our bodies, it’s vital to treat your skin with the respect it deserves.

Just as you take care with the nutritional demands in your diet, it’s important to acknowledge that our skin absorbs the nutrients and toxins it’s exposed to. Internationally recognised organisations, such as ECOCERT, have developed stringent specifications for the certification of natural cosmetic products as more and more people are choosing the natural option when it comes to skincare products.

But what are the reasons behind this global phenomenon? Here are the top five reasons why switching to a natural skincare routine has a host of pure benefits for you and Mother Nature.

1) Harmony with the environment

Unlike the synthetic processes used in industrial manufacturing, natural skincare products do not pollute the environment by pumping chemicals into the air. With ingredients farmed in an organic manner, the beauty of using natural skincare products is in knowing that you’re working in harmony with the planet.

2) Naturally nutrient rich

The organic ingredients in natural skincare products are packed with the kind of nutrients and antioxidants necessary to protect your skin’s individual cells – nourishing and caring for their needs. Think of them as you would about the benefits of following a healthy diet – taking the time to care that what you put on your skin delivers results … skin which is naturally better.

3) Gentle skincare

Without harsh, artificial chemical additives which can cause redness, breakouts and irritations, natural skincare products are more effective and healthier for you as they work with your skin, rather than against it. Their purity makes them ideal for even the most sensitive of skin types or for those who may be allergic to synthetic substances.

4) The aromas of nature

Synthetic fragrances are frequently used to mask unpleasant smells from the chemicals present in traditional skincare products. These substitute perfumes can result in allergic reactions when applied to the skin and some are even so overpowering that they cause headaches. By comparison, natural skincare products use the natural aromas of essential oils to produce a smell that you just love.

5) No harmful toxin build-up

The long-term use of chemicals can, over time, have a cumulative effect on the health of both you and your skin. By using only natural skincare products with organic ingredients you are greatly reducing the risk of toxins and harmful chemical residues being allowed to build-up on your body.

So you can now see why more and more people are making the move away from the artificial skincare products which have dominated the market for years. To take a look at Naturalii, Lifeplus’ own range of organic and natural skincare products, please visit http://naturalii.lifeplus.com/